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Own your local search presence

October 31, 2019
There are nearly 2 trillion searches being performed on Google every year. That’s approximately 5.5 billion searches that take place every single day. Read More

Site performance influences SEO and users

August 13, 2018
You stream content whenever you’d like, from wherever you are, from whatever device is nearby. We check Amazon to see if a product is cheaper than our local store because we know we can get it in two days. We’re programmed to go to Google to get answers to our questions or find things near us. It’s also known that a goldfish now has a better attention span than us humans. Read More

SEO is the new PR

March 13, 2015
Since the advent of public relations, earning positive coverage in the news media was perhaps the most important strategy of PR professionals. The news commanded a large audience, which overwhelmingly trusted its judgment, making it an ideal target to ply a brand’s message. No longer. Read More

SEO tips for small businesses

December 29, 2014
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important component of the online marketing strategies employed by small businesses. Read More