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Agri-business initiatives must also address climate change

May 9, 2014
An unusually large number of announcements have recently targeted Michigan agriculture on the eve of approval of greater state budget expenditures, especially aimed at food safety concerns including invasive species on land and in water. Read More

Business community backs State of the State

January 17, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address last night seemed to further cement his popularity with the business community. Read More

Local governments blasé about State of the State

January 17, 2014
Unlike many business executives, some government officials in Michigan were rather blasé today about Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address last night. Read More

Detroit will recover on the shoulders of business leaders

July 26, 2013
Grand Rapids Business Journal applauded Gov. Rick Snyder’s move in February to appoint a six-member Michigan financial review team to determine whether it should declare a financial emergency in Detroit and allow an emergency financial manager to take over city operations. Read More

Right-to-work law takes effect in Michigan

March 28, 2013
DETROIT — Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said a right-to-work law that took effect Thursday is a milestone that will bring jobs to Michigan, while protesters promised to exact revenge at the polls for the contentious measure Snyder signed in December. Read More

Current education policy creates another generation unfit for jobs

March 22, 2013
Many area economic development professionals this past week gave a good deal of their time to be present for Gov. Rick Snyder’s “economic summit” in Detroit, several days of which were spent parsing whether the estimated 100,000 job openings in Michigan are the result of a “mismatch” predicated on a “skills gap” between job seekers and job qualifications, or whether the economic data showing a vast majority of corporate America is sitting on “unprecedented levels of cash” and is unwilling to hire. Read More

Long-term solutions overdue for harbor dredging

March 8, 2013
Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal for a combination of general fund monies and Waterways Trust Fund money to immediately dredge Lake Michigan and Lake Huron has been given almost unanimous backing by the state Senate, which last week voted to provide $20.9 million for emergency dredging at 49 state bays and harbors. Read More

Employers: Don’t ‘friend’ employees

February 1, 2013
The Internet Privacy Protections Act, signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder in December, is not sweeping legislation in the area of Internet privacy, but it does clarify a few things for employers and employees. Read More

Right to Work economies represent a mixed bag

January 5, 2013
Right-to-work legislation is hardly a new concept. Read More

Legislature: Focus on tax revenue replacement

November 24, 2012
In the short time between the presidential election and Thanksgiving break, one could question whether legislators are ready to finish business in the lame duck session now beginning. Read More