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Co-op leases space for brewery

August 9, 2018
A brewing cooperative has secured the site for its first brewery. Read More

Brewery rolls out beer at Buffalo Wild Wings

August 7, 2018
Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with a staple of Grand Rapids’ beer scene to roll out a new brew for the fantasy football draft season. Read More

Brewery releases raspberry beer

August 6, 2018
A brewery in the area is rolling out a fruit-flavored beer. Read More

Brewery distributing 'traditional' brand county-wide

July 25, 2018
A brewery in the area is bringing its brand of “historical and traditional” brews to all of Kent County. Read More

Breweries partnering with homebrewers on Pro-Am

July 23, 2018
Brews in the Beer City Pro-Am are being featured at breweries across West Michigan. Read More

Grand Rapids rates among Outside's 'highly successful cities'

July 20, 2018
Beer City is a subject of interest for an active lifestyle publication. Read More

Brewery settles into suburb

July 19, 2018
A brewery owned by a husband-and-wife team is settling into the area's beer scene. Read More

Homebrewers rank West Michigan breweries tops in US

June 22, 2018
West Michigan's beer scene stands out to homebrewers across the country. Read More

Downtown beer garden project takes next step

June 20, 2018
A proposed beer garden downtown is back on track. Read More

Couple plans brewery

June 19, 2018
A husband-and-wife team is tapping into a new brewery experience in the region. Read More