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Michigan Makerspresented by DBusiness magazine and the Grand Rapids Business Journal, will shine a light on the important issue of skilled workforce development in Michigan, including the resources revolutionizing academic career planning and hiring. The publication will showcase makers and offer business/employment trends in a visually engaging format while highlighting the products made and built in the Great State of Michigan.


March/April 2020


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Michigan’s Top Makers in:

  • Automotive/Mobility, Medical Devices, Drugs, Defense, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Furniture, Chemicals, Construction, Boating, Appliances, Consumer Goods, Art, Machinery, Plastics, Robotics and more

Workforce Development:

  • Jobs in demand, education, and pathways to success
  • Statewide Organizations and Programs

Maker Entrepreneurs:

  • What you need to know to start/grow your business

Education & Skills Preparation

  • College & Universities
  • Vocational, Occupation & Technical Schools
  • High School Programs

Michigan’s Raw Materials & Resources

Michigan Energy Makers

  • Oil, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, and Batteries

Autonomous Mobility

Automaker CEO Rise to the Top

Skilled Trade Spotlights — Promotional

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