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New tax law changes charitable giving strategies

Financial advisers and nonprofit fundraisers share approach to tax-efficient donation.

October 19, 2018
Since last year’s tax law changes, financial advisers and nonprofits have been working to educate donors on the most efficient ways to give. Read More

Experts monitor Italy’s fiscal state

GVSU analysts say worsening debt crisis could damage Europe, potentially impacting the U.S.

October 19, 2018
As Italy hovers on the edge of a financial crisis, local observers say its potential impacts on Europe could spill over into the U.S. and West Michigan. Read More

Fifth Third schools ‘next generation of bankers’

Volunteers enter sixth year leading Young Bankers Club for low-income and minority students in Grand Rapids.

October 19, 2018
Principal Carlos de la Barrera said too many programs that teach money basics tend to skip over schools with low-income students. Read More

Attorneys stress importance of estate planning

A will now means fewer headaches later, especially for millennial parents with kids.

October 19, 2018
The majority of Americans don’t think about estate planning. Read More

Bank appoints board members

October 18, 2018
A local bank has appointed three new members to its board of directors. Read More

Private equity firm acquires manufacturer

October 17, 2018
A local private equity firm has acquired a Michigan maker of metal stampings for the fastener market. Read More

State House candidate charged with embezzlement

October 15, 2018
| By AP
SOUTHFIELD — A candidate for the Michigan House has been charged with allegedly embezzling about $150,000 when she served as treasurer of another campaign. Read More

Bank opens branch downtown

October 10, 2018
A bank in the area has opened a branch in downtown Grand Rapids. Read More

Court rules in favor of bank in crash case

October 10, 2018
| By AP
WAYNE — The Michigan appeals court said a bank can't be blamed for a crash that occurred when a confused driver went the wrong way. Read More

Private equity firm sells manufacturer

October 8, 2018
An out-of-state private equity firm has sold a company that makes some of its commercial HVAC equipment in the area. Read More