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Couple planning lakeshore brewery

June 25, 2019
A husband-and-wife team plan to open a brewery at the lakeshore. Read More

Couple proposes wine shop in East Hills

June 24, 2019
A family-owned wine shop in New York is seeking approval to open in Grand Rapids. Read More

Restaurant company building 40 fast-food locations

June 24, 2019
A locally based restaurant company plans to spend $100 million to develop 40 new fast-food locations. Read More

Tech farming is making its way to GR

Partnering with Gordon Food Service, Square Roots aims to train young people in indoor urban farming.

June 21, 2019
One company is hoping to shake up the landscape of farming. Read More

Merger gives new organization diversity

Brokerage division of Vine Line has goal of reaching $100M in revenue in next 10 years.

June 21, 2019
Three produce companies have joined forces in West Michigan to become leaders in the produce distribution sector. Read More

Restaurateur opens lakeshore barbecue joint

June 20, 2019
A barbecue restaurant led by a national pit-smoking champion has opened on the lakeshore. Read More

Food maker cutting 150 jobs

June 18, 2019
A food maker is eliminating 150 jobs as part of a previously announced re-organization and divestiture. Read More

Brewery producing street festival downtown

June 18, 2019
A local brewery is putting on a festival downtown this weekend. Read More

Longtime diner closing doors

June 17, 2019
A family-owned diner in town specializing in chili dogs is closing. Read More

East Beltline restaurant closing

June 17, 2019
A fast-casual restaurant along East Beltline is shutting its doors. Read More