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Brewery re-releasing limited-edition stout

April 22, 2019
A brewery in the region is unleashing a variant of its top beer. Read More

Women in craft beer brew up change

Insiders say opportunities abound for industry to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

April 19, 2019
Despite a number of female- and minority-owned breweries popping up in West Michigan, most folks in the craft beer industry say it’s a white man’s world. Read More

Aquinas may turn to goats to curb invasive species on campus

But first, city must relax rules on farm animals allowed in urban settings.

April 19, 2019
(As seen on WZZM TV 13) Aquinas College soon may have goats on campus. Read More

Inside Track: For the love of 'numbers and food'

Garmon uses strong work ethic to create family enterprise, helping others through taxes and catering.

April 19, 2019
Jeannica Garmon became a time-management pro by running two businesses while working a full-time job. She said pursuing her passions alongside family makes the nonstop work worthwhile. Read More

Owner sells french fries stand

April 19, 2019
The owner of a french fries and chicken wings kiosk in a local mall has sold his business to an investor. Read More

Salad restaurant opens in Downtown Market

April 17, 2019
A new chopped salad restaurant has opened in town. Read More

'Chopped' winner opening café

April 15, 2019
One of Chicago’s top chefs is bringing her culinary talents to West Michigan via a new café — and adjacent shop and event space. Read More

Partners opening urban gastropub

April 12, 2019
An “eclectic comfort food” restaurant with a rooftop deck is opening in town. Read More

Juice maker rolling out new low-sugar bottles

April 12, 2019
A juice maker in the area has developed on-the-go packaging for its low-sugar line. Read More

Detroit-style pizza restaurant opens on 28th Street

April 11, 2019
A pizza chain from the state’s east side has opened its first West Michigan location. Read More