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Couple planning lakeshore brewery

June 25, 2019
A husband-and-wife team plan to open a brewery at the lakeshore. Read More

Couple proposes wine shop in East Hills

June 24, 2019
A family-owned wine shop in New York is seeking approval to open in Grand Rapids. Read More

Restaurant company building 40 fast-food locations

June 24, 2019
A locally based restaurant company plans to spend $100 million to develop 40 new fast-food locations. Read More

Health club relocating

June 21, 2019
A health club in the area is moving. Read More

Pilates franchise stretches into market

June 19, 2019
There’s a new Pilates franchise at a major shopping center in town. Read More

Tourney scores $1.1M for food pantries

June 19, 2019
Brooke Henderson wasn’t the only winner at the 2019 Meijer LPGA Classic at Blythefield Country Club. Read More

Fuel distributor acquires company

June 18, 2019
A fuel distributor is expanding its presence in the region with an acquisition. Read More

Longtime diner closing doors

June 17, 2019
A family-owned diner in town specializing in chili dogs is closing. Read More

East Beltline restaurant closing

June 17, 2019
A fast-casual restaurant along East Beltline is shutting its doors. Read More

Auctioneer selling classic cars

June 17, 2019
A collection of classic cars decades in the making is up for auction. Read More