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New international bridge helps ensure strong West Michigan

October 12, 2018
Grand Rapids is geographically divided east and west by the Grand River. Read More

Data show more education equates to higher wages

October 12, 2018
Michigan’s and metro Grand Rapids’ biggest economic challenge is not enough good-paying jobs. Read More

Financial wellness: Good for the employee and employer

October 5, 2018
While wellness programs have been a key part of employee benefits programs for years, they now have a new and increasingly popular cousin: financial wellness programs. Read More

Employers can curb health care costs during open enrollment

October 5, 2018
Technology continues to reshape how employers select and offer health care benefits to employees, putting access to information at our fingertips and creating a more seamless and interactive health care experience. Read More

How to measure the real value of workplace wellness programs

September 28, 2018
Over the years, wellness has become an essential tool for attracting and retaining top talent. Read More

Fixing Michigan’s roads is not enough

September 21, 2018
If there is one issue that both candidates for governor seem to agree on it is that fixing the roads is a top priority. Read More

Who wins when AR collides with property laws?

September 21, 2018
When does my right to free speech conflict with your right to private property? Read More

Anything Michigan does Minnesota does better

September 14, 2018
Over the last eight years, Michigan has experienced a strong recovery from the Great Recession — the headline being 500,000 new jobs. Good news indeed for a state that lost jobs every year during the previous decade. Read More

AMP Lab offers options for students

September 14, 2018
On Sept. 19, an amazing collaboration between Grand Rapids Community College, Western Michigan University, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Talent2025 will begin to take place in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Read More

November elections: Ballot threatens Michigan workers

September 7, 2018
In November, Michigan voters will decide on a series of initiatives that could impact our way of life and our ability to compete for many years to come. Read More