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Doing business with a state-legal cannabis company: What could go wrong?

December 6, 2019
Cannabis businesses licensed under Michigan law are like other businesses in many ways; they require goods and services, locations in which to operate and other support and assistance. Read More

Encourage employees to ‘VUE’ their care and save on health costs

November 29, 2019
VUE. This simple acronym (pronounced view) can help employees receive the right care in the right place while keeping costs down in the process. Read More

Tax law threatens disaster aid, broadband funding for rural Michigan

November 29, 2019
We Michiganders are a hardy lot, and we are no strangers to inclement weather. Read More

The flip side to customer relationships

November 22, 2019
In the B2B world, the relationship between the customer and the vendor and, more specifically, the vendor’s salesperson, can be of utmost importance. Read More

Growth of community is threatened with elimination of Pure Michigan

November 22, 2019
Last year, 670,000 guests experienced Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. People visit Meijer Gardens representing all walks of life and all geographic areas. Read More

Farming photons: increased opportunities for solar farms in Michigan

November 22, 2019
Recent changes to Michigan regulations have increased the tax incentives available to property owners seeking to locate commercial solar operations on their land. Read More

Succession plan brought about intended growth, my own retirement

November 15, 2019
Have you noticed more people retiring recently? Read More

Don’t gut third grade reading law; give it a chance

November 15, 2019
Our children deserve our support. Read More

There’s nothing useless about liberal arts degrees

November 8, 2019
We are constantly besieged with messaging that a liberal arts degree is useless. Maybe even worse than useless: a path to being a pauper or something close. Read More

Here’s why you should care about CON Commission’s efforts

November 8, 2019
For more than eight years, I have had the privilege of serving Michigan citizens as a commissioner representing the business community on the Certificate of Need (CON) Commission. Read More