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A weekly column on matters concerning legal, money, small business, family business and people issues.


Tips to keep work and family separate in a family-owned business

December 28, 2018
Often, a family business can be a 24-7 undertaking. However, in order to maintain a professional business environment, as well as family harmony, it is important to set boundaries. Read More

Addressing and making change of leadership in business

December 21, 2018
In just about any organization, there comes a time when the discussion begins to focus on a change of leadership. Read More

The good, the bad and the ugly of year-end tax planning

December 14, 2018
With the end of 2018 just around the corner, it’s time for both individuals and businesses taxed as pass-through entities to assess performance, to budget and, of course, our favorite topic, to plan tax opportunities. Read More

Find patterns in your business’s financial statements

December 7, 2018
I had a client back in the 1970s who had an extremely high IQ. Had it not been for a variable rate SBA loan initiated at 8 percent then rising to 28 percent, we would have been rich. Read More

State of America’s health care makes me sick

November 23, 2018
At year-end, most businesses that offer health care benefits have gone through the open enrollment process and wrestled through all the issues of vendor selection, plan-design options and decisions on cost sharing. Read More

What are tax incentives with O-Zone investments?

November 16, 2018
By now, you may have heard of the federal opportunity zones (O-Zones) that were established by the 2017 federal tax overhaul. Read More

Engagement letters are vital part of doing business

November 9, 2018
What is an hour of someone’s time worth? Most small business owners are not paid an hourly wage. Read More

Does human resources impact the bottom line?

November 2, 2018
Last month, I received a survey whereby of the 700 participants (CEO, CFO, CPO), a large majority of CEOs and CFOs said the human resources function doesn’t have a positive impact on the bottom line in small to medium-sized businesses. Read More

Tax reform takes me on a trip down memory lane

October 26, 2018
My BDO colleagues surprised me with their Dear Bill Matters Column a few weeks back that discussed my retirement. Read More

A custom solution for a family-owned business

October 19, 2018
The owners of a successful manufacturing business in West Michigan were struggling to develop a plan for the future. Read More