Sales Moves

Jeffrey Gitomer comments on sales successes -- and disasters.


On choosing happiness — will you treasure it now?

December 22, 2017
Happy New Year! Or is it? People wish it to you, to me — all the time. Read More

I know you love your business, but do your customers?

September 29, 2017
What is posted about you on Google or on any social media is a reflection of how others perceive you. Read More

Why hire an athlete? Because they know how to score!

August 25, 2017
Everyone wants to hire the best person for the job. I do, too. Read More

The science of the sale, the art of doing lunch

August 18, 2017
Let’s do lunch! Well, let’s do lunch the right way. Read More

What’s your ‘type’? Mine is ‘sales successful’

August 4, 2017
Everybody talks about “types” of people to figure them out. Read More

Do you have the character and characteristics for sales success?

June 16, 2017
Here is list of sales success characteristics. Read More

Before making the proposal, you’d better make the sale

June 2, 2017
“Sounds good. Send me a proposal.” Read More

The risk of 9 to 5 and the reality of before and after

May 26, 2017
Ninety-five percent of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. Read More