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Voice search doesn’t matter

July 16, 2019
But it matters that, as digital search marketers, we do our job right and, in turn, create a positive effect on voice search. Read More

Cost-recovery firm expands to new HQ

July 16, 2019
A cost-recovery firm has expanded into a 31,000-square-foot headquarters in the area. Read More

Chemicals supplier investing $15M in idle site

July 16, 2019
A new chemical company is planning to give new life to a former manufacturing site in the region. Read More

Break-ins target 4 gun shops

July 16, 2019
| By AP
Authorities said at least four gun shops in West Michigan have been targeted by break-ins in less than a week. Read More

‘I was able to … have someone see me’

Turned away by traditional banks, Dominican salon secures expansion loan through private capital fund.

July 12, 2019
A salon that has been quietly operating on a busy corridor in Grand Rapids for 15 years will get its long-awaited expansion thanks to a local racial equity lending firm. Read More

Marijuana agency spells out emergency rules

Information will help municipalities decide whether they want to allow adult-use businesses.

July 12, 2019
A Michigan agency is giving municipalities some time to weigh their options when it comes to allowing companies to plant marijuana in their communities for recreational use. Read More

Couple opens boxed-lunch delivery business

July 12, 2019
A husband-and-wife team has opened a local franchise of a national boxed lunch and catering company. Read More

Guns stolen from shop

July 11, 2019
| By AP
Authorities said four masked people broke into a gun shop in the area and stole about two dozen handguns. Read More

Financial software provider acquires firm

July 10, 2019
A company that develops software for asset managers has acquired a similar firm. Read More

Creston throwing street party

July 10, 2019
A party featuring a 20-booth artists market, live music and more will hit the streets this weekend. Read More